My Acne Story

Welcome to The Natural Acne Cure, a blog inspired by my real-life acne story!

I hope that you have been finding some helpful information here on my blog!  My inspiration to start this blog comes from my own struggles with acne.  I suffered from acne for over ten years.  I had moderate-severe acne all throughout high school and moderate acne into my early adulthood as well.  Over the years I kept telling myself that the acne would eventually go away on it's own as I got older, well...that never happened.

I had basically given up all hope when all of these "miracle" products like Proactiv, Murad, Acne Free, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, etc. were doing nothing to improve my acne.  That's when I went the all-natural route, and thank goodness I did!  I stopped throwing away money on over the counter acne products and started treating my acne naturally, which has helped me get my skin under control and I can finally describe my skin as "normal." If you have acne you know how much of a success it truly is just to be able to say that you have normal skin.  I get the occasional breakout around my time of the month, but it's easy to treat and prevent using the natural products and remedies mentioned in this blog.

I know what you're going through, trust me!  I had low self-esteem, hated going out in public, and woke up every morning only to spend an hour in the mirror popping all the new pimples that had turned up over night.  I avoided having my picture taken like it was the plague! Acne is a debilitating skin condition that really affects all aspects of your life. Not only is it unsightly and embarrassing, but it is also a painful condition to deal with.

My goal in starting The Natural Acne Cure is to help people who also suffer from acne.  If it can work for me, I know that it can work for you too!  Browse my blog and you'll find tons of helpful information on natural home remedies, all-natural homemade recipes for skincare products, tips on preventing acne, and lots of other good stuff!

Best of luck on your journey to clear skin!

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Alisha Renee
The Natural Acne Cure

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