Sunday, January 5, 2014

DIY Homemade Toothpaste Using Coconut Oil (No acne-causing SLS like normal toothpastes!)

I've discussed the benefits of using coconut oil as a topical acne remedy, but I wanted to share something else that may be helpful for people suffering with acne.  After doing some research I've discovered that many toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (or SLS) which has been linked to acne.  SLS can also be found in soaps and shampoos.  Many studies have been conducted on SLS and they have discovered that it does in fact act as a skin irritant, which can exacerbate or even cause acne breakouts.  Not only is it bad for your skin, but it is also a carcinogen (cancer causing) substance.

With all of that being said, I want to share a recipe for homemade toothpaste using coconut oil that is much safer than store brand toothpastes and it does not contain anything harmful, like SLS.

After doing some research I realized that there are a lot of variations of homemade toothpaste recipes. Rather than sticking to any of the recipes I came across while researching, I decided to wing it and come up with my very own coconut oil toothpaste. I've always been a fan of cinnamon toothpaste over minty toothpastes, so I thought I'd give cinnamon coconut oil toothpaste a shot. All I needed to make my toothpaste was three simple ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda, and ground cinnamon. I use Spectrum virgin coconut oil that is organic and unrefined. The coconut oil comes in a solid form, but liquefies once it is slightly warm. I buy ground cinnamon in bulk from my local health food store. I just use regular baking soda, which I purchased at the dollar store. Here's how I made my cinnamon flavored coconut oil toothpaste...
  • Get a small bowl to mix the ingredients in, you will also need a spoon.
  • Put 4 tablespoons of the coconut oil into the bowl.
  • Add in 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Mix well with spoon until it is well blended. It should be nice and smooth once well-mixed, there shouldn't be lumps. If it is lumpy you may need to add more coconut oil.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and mix well. If you don't prefer a strong cinnamon taste add 1/2 of a teaspoon instead.
  • Mix all ingredients until they are nice and smooth and form a consistency similar to regular store bought toothpaste.
  • Store your mixture in an air tight container in the cupboard or medicine cabinet.
I really love the light flavor of my cinnamon coconut oil homemade toothpaste. Keep in mind that since there is no sodium lauryl sulfate in this recipe (that's what gives regular store bought stuff that foamy sensation) it will not foam up like some toothpastes that you might be accustomed to. That does not at all mean that it is not doing it's job. It works amazingly well! My teeth always feel clean and refreshed after brushing with this simple homemade toothpaste. In fact, I had a dentist visit yesterday and my dentist mentioned how healthy my teeth were. When I told him about my homemade toothpaste that I have been using, he was surprised but told me that it's working great so I might as well keep using it. I definitely don't plan on going back to the old store bought stuff with all those harmful nasty ingredients. One of the other main benefits is the baking soda helps to whiten teeth while the coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties that help keep your gums and teeth healthy.

A few recipe variations and additions for homemade toothpaste...

While doing research I did come across some neat ideas for coconut oil toothpaste, but they take a little more effort and my goal was to keep it cheap and simple. Here's some of my other favorite takes on coconut oil toothpaste...
  • Try adding in a little sea salt to your mixture, it helps keep gums healthy.
  • Not a fan of cinnamon? No problem, just add 15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil to the above mentioned recipe to give it that minty fresh flavor.
  • Want that foamy feeling like store bought toothpaste but don't want all the added harmful ingredients? Well, just add a teaspoon or two of natural castile soap to get that foamy sensation that you get with store bought toothpastes.
  • Add some Stevia natural sweetener to your coconut oil toothpaste to help balance out the salty taste that it may have. Just one packet should work.


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