Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Things only people with ACNE will understand...

As an acne sufferer myself I can honestly say that there are many things that people without acne just don't understand.  When I had acne I HATED getting advice from people that had never even had a pimple.  I also HATED when someone got ONE pimple and acted like the world was ending, I mean, try having a face full of them! Not only was it embarrassing, but it was also painful.  Most people don't talk about the painful side of acne.  Having to poke and prod at your face with needles and other tools just to pop them, it's so awful! Here's a list of things that I'm sure only people with acne can relate to...I put this together just to help you remember that you are NOT alone in the fight against acne...

  • Waking up each morning afraid to look in the mirror (because you know that new pimples have appeared overnight)
  • Having to spend an hour or more in front of the mirror popping pimples just to go out in pubic
  • Being paranoid about everything that touches your face (I literally changed my pillowcase EVERY NIGHT I was so paranoid)
  • Avoiding having your photo taken at all costs because your face is so broken out
  • Avoiding going out in public when you have a bad breakout because sometimes no amount of makeup is going to help
  • People with clear skin giving  you advice on what you should (or shouldn't) be doing to get clear skin, like they have a clue!
  • Trying every product on the shelf in the acne and skincare aisle at the store
  • Spending thousands of dollars trying to get rid of acne
  • Going to the dermatologist and STILL not getting rid of the acne
  • Going on antibiotics for an extended period of time trying to get rid of the acne
  • Being told that you'll grow out of it someday (so I'll just be miserable in the meantime?!?)
  • Trying every diet possible trying to get clear skin (vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free...the list goes on)
  • Getting angry when your mom, grandma, aunt, etc. brings up your acne like it's YOUR fault
  • Trying what worked for someone else, but it doesn't work for you (go figure)
  • Scrubbing the heck out of your face in an attempt to scrub the acne off for good!
  • Not looking forward to social events because you are afraid that people will be looking at your acne
  • ALWAYS thinking that people are staring at your pimples when they are talking to you
  • Being self-conscious when someone looks at your face, hoping that you don't have some big white head right on your forehead (or cheek, or nose, etc.)
  • Low self-esteem (enough said)
  • Spending hours researching acne cures and remedies and products on the Internet
If you have acne and you can relate to any of these things, just remember that your not alone.  It may seem like it sometimes, but there are many people out there struggling with acne.  If you have anything to add to the list, add it in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you all!  Best of luck on your personal acne journey and I hope that you find some of the things in my blog helpful!

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