Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple homemade all natural exfoliators- great for acne prone skin!

Research has shown that exfoliating helps with skin cell turnover.  The generation of new skin cells helps eliminate buildup of dead skin cells which can lead to clogged pores, and we all know that clogged pores lead to breakouts.  While some people may be strongly against exfoliating, most people agree that it helps rejuvenate skin for a clean glowing complexion.

In my personal opinion exfoliation has been extremely beneficial for my skin.  I've noticed that on the nights that I exfoliate, my skin looks much healthier the next morning and my scars tend to fade quicker as well.  I used to use harsh exfoliating cleansers by clean and clear or St. Ives, but since I've been going the all-natural route I've discovered simple ways to exfoliate without damaging my skin with chemicals or harsh exfoliators. 

Turn your normal cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser....

There's no need to spend extra money on a separate exfoliator when you already have a good cleanser.  Most people think that they need two separate products, a cleanser and an exfoliator.  I used to think the same thing, but then I realized that the basic concept behind an exfoliating cleanser was having some component that gently scrubbed the outer surface of the skin to eliminate the dead skin cells.  I started by using a washcloth with my cleanser about twice a week, but this was a bit harsh on my skin.

I received a product from Avon that came in a small jar.  Basically it was sterile fine ground sand. I would add a pinch of the sand to my normal cleanser which was excellent for exfoliating a few times a week without having to buy a separate product for exfoliating.  When I ran out of the product I decided to look into other options because I wanted to save some money.  Here are some of my favorite methods of exfoliating...

  • Sea salt: Add a small pinch of fine sea salt to your cleanser and gently massage into the skin to exfoliate while cleansing.  The sea salt is also great for acne prone skin because it has natural antibacterial properties and helps speed the healing process.
  • Green tea leaves: Brew a fresh cup of green tea and then open the tea bag and remove the tea leaves.  Mix the tea leaves with a teaspoon of honey and use it to cleanse and exfoliate the face.  The tea leaves are naturally antimicrobial and the honey is also naturally antibacterial, a win-win for acne sufferers!  The tea leaves gently exfoliate your skin and are less aggressive than the sea salt for those with more sensitive skin.
  • Chamomile tea: This method is basically the same as the green tea method for exfoliation.  Just brew a cup of chamomile tea and then use the leaves from the tea bag mixed with a little honey to exfoliate.  Chamomile helps calm and sooth the skin, which is great for those with inflamed and irritated acne prone skin.
  • Baking soda: Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of water to create an exfoliating paste that you can use on your face.  It also helps fade acne scars.
There are many other ways to create your very own gentle exfoliators.  Be sure to check back often for more home remedies for exfoliating and treating/preventing acne!

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