Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SPF (Sun Block) Can Cause Acne!

Did you know that SPF can actually cause acne or make it worse?  Well, it can.  Sun blocks usually have either zinc or titanium dioxide in them, which is what blocks the harmful rays of the sun.  Unfortunately, while it does create a protective layer on the skin to prevent sun damage, it also seriously clogs pores, causing or worsening acne.  Typically you tend to sweat a lot on hot sunny days, and if you are wearing SPF it's creating a barrier that is trapping all that nasty sweat and bacteria on the surface of your skin, resulting in breakouts!

You might also want to start checking your cosmetic products.  Liquid foundations, powders, bronzers, etc. often have SPF in them as well because the manufacturers think that it will help prevent sun damage, however it can also contribute to your acne.  If you're fighting acne, opt for cosmetic products that do not have SPF in them to avoid making your acne worse (or causing it altogether). 

If you're concerned about sun damage and protecting your skin while you're out on a sunny day, there are some good natural alternatives that you can try.  Coconut oil has actually been used for years as a natural sun block.  Before SPF was invented, coconut oil was used in a lot of tropical locations to help prevent sunburn.  Apply coconut oil as you would regular sunblock, and it's okay to put it on your face because coconut oil is actually good for acne as well!

You can also try things like wearing hats if you're worried about your face getting burned.  If you don't suffer from body or back acne, you should be okay applying the SPF on your body, but if you have acne avoid using SPF on your face!

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